Vet Hospital Employee, Stacey, Capitalizes on ABC’s Program

Animal Behavior College, one of the nation’s premiere Veterinary Assistant Colleges, had a huge impact on improving a hospital employee’s skill set when treating dogs.  “I worked in an animal hospital for 2 years before I joined ABC and am still there,” says Stacey.  “ABC helped me tremendously.”

As a manager in the business world, Stacey found her work life unrewarding so she decided to turn to something she had a passion for: Dogs.  “I volunteered in shelters while growing up and all throughout college,” she says, adding, “one of my goals is to make shelter dogs more popular and attractive to prospective owners so they can get adopted”.  After her training at ABC Stacey shares that she has a stronger “understanding of dogs and can communicate better with them through the tone of my voice”.This trait can be very beneficial with shelter dogs, but also as a vet hospital staffer Stacey understands the advantage of “understanding the intricacies of canine aggression and factors relating to fearful behavior.  I have bragged about Animal Behavior College to a lot of people,” she says.  “The manual was very user friendly and presented the material in a way that was easy to understand.”

Stacey also raves about the joys of having a program manager that was responsive to her questions.  Learning about particular canine behaviors through the veterinary assistant college program helped Stacey.  It allowed her to use what she learned at ABC; to transfer information to her current animal care position at a vet hospital.  It also helps her more clearly identify how to use that knowledge for future career goals, working with dogs.

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