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ABC Graduate, Chrisi Talen, Doubles As Dog Trainer

Aspiring actress, Chrisi Talen, had a lifetime of unfulfilling jobs until Animal Behavior College and the idea of an animal job popped up on her radar screen.  “I remembered my childhood love of animals,” says Chrisi, “especially my family’s two golden retrievers”.  She decided to investigate a course at ABC’s local dog training college, and the rest becomes ‘history’, as they say.

Because she wanted to continue pursuing an acting career, Chrisi discovered she could combine her love of animals with her passion to act.  “ABC has been a terrific experience.  I love helping dog owners bridge the communication gap between (themselves and) canines”.  Besides her classes at Animal Behavior College, Chrisi works in a group setting at Petco, helping owners ‘bridge the communication gap’. Continue reading ABC Graduate, Chrisi Talen, Doubles As Dog Trainer