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Lynne M. Petermann, ABC Mentor Trainer

The Pooky Professor was established after having trained my own reactive dog. “Pooky” had many behavioral problems as a pup such as fear aggression & resource guarding. I wasn’t giving her back so I had no choice but to deal with her issues. I found I really enjoyed training & decided to persue this as a career. So I guess you could say my life has “Gone to the dogs!” Puppies do not come with instruction manuals so I decided that I wanted to help other new puppy owners get started off on the right paw!

Lynne Petermann

Picture: Lynne Petermann

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Joan B Guertin Review

I have been given 3 opportunities to mentor ABC students! Kate Anderson, was a gem to work with! She’s so good, and if she lived closer, I’d want her working full time with me!

Kate chose to work with me through 3 of my 5 week class sessions. She was always on time, always prepared and always on top of each lesson. Of course, she comes from a school teaching background and her valuable skills and her love of the dogs just made her a natural. I predict a very promising future for this ABC graduate!

I think my favorite part of the mentoring experience was observing the emergence of genuine confidence in the student! Kate also offered some very valuable suggestions, particularly in improving my existing roll taking procedure and the paperwork! It was a delight working with someone who possessed great skills both with the dogs and with the people.

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