Rose Lesniak Review

My name is Rose Lesniak and I have been training dogs since 2000. I
graduated from the Animal Behavior College in June, 2006. I am a
ABC-certified trainer in Dade County.

Rose Lesniak & Martha

Since graduating I’ve become a trainer with a diverse portfolio. I teach
group classes at my local Petco. I train and certify therapy dogs and Canine
Good Citizens. I also conduct private trainings for families and their dogs
or puppies. I even mentor new trainers.

ABC has taught me how to train a dog or puppy beyond most people’s standards
and fix any bad behaviors that might have happened. I love teaching families
and their dogs to make the home happy and harmonious.

My Animal Behavior College certification has given me the opportunity to mentor new trainers, so
that I can pass my good training on to other trainers. I really enjoy
mentoring the new Animal Behavior College graduates; they are well-trained and happy to get field experience with me. Since my client base is so diverse, my new ABC
graduates get a good feel for group classes, therapy dog training and
one-on-one training.

I decided to become a mentor because I feel that by mentoring, we save more
and more dogs and families from abandoning their problematic dog.

Animal Behavior College has given me all the tools I need to assess a puppy or dog and work with
the dog in a personalized training regime. My greatest pleasure is to take a
dog someone has given up on (because of aggression or maltreatment) and work
with that dog to create a pleasurable and well-trained dog; even resulting
in creating a therapy dog!

Rose Lesniak Animal Group Class

I am proud to have made a positive impact on my community; in particular I
feel that I have saved several dogs from being returned to the shelter or
abandoned by taking a problem dog and turning them into a happy, socialized
well-trained dog.

Thank you ABC, for giving me all the tools I need to be an exceptional
trainer and mentor!

Rose Lesniak

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