ABC Dog Training School Wows Michelle Kimbell

Michelle Kimbell, a member of the Board of Directors for the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City, trained at ABC’s dog training school in order to improve the chances of adoption for the many canines that came to their facility. She recognized the importance of the strong emotional bond between humans and animals that can enrich the lives of many and wanted to make sure the dogs that came to the Humane Society were given every opportunity to find a permanent home where their personalities and loving natures could flourish.

Michelle explains, “I have never met a dog that I could not find something positive about. For example, I rescued a young Dalmatian that had been in a shelter for three months, and within two weeks he was perfect and has been the #1 dog in my life.”

Michelle attributes her success with her beloved Dalmatian to the wonderful training she got at Animal Behavior College, a leader in the animal behavior industry. She now uses the dog training skills and animal knowledge she learned at ABC to help shelter dogs become more adoptable.

For Michelle, the hands on dog training was the best part of the ABC experience, but she also enjoyed learning about the many different dog breeds and how each one displays unique personality traits. She uses that information to help her successfully match shelter dogs to new owners, keeping in mind the personality type of each dog to ensure a great fit.

After completing her training at ABC, Michelle was hired by ABTA as a Professional Dog Obedience Instructor. She’s now a successful dog trainer with an extensive clientele, but she continues to work with shelter dogs and the Humane Society, using the skills she learned at our dog training school to enrich the lives of both dogs and owners.

To learn more about how Animal Behavior College can improve the chances of adoption for pets at your shelter, visit our website, where you’ll also find excellent dog training tips.

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