Meet Lana – Graduate From Leading Dog Training School

Dog Training Schools are not only for people interested in becoming dedicated trainers, they also should offer diversity in other animal careers as part of the on-going support to their students.  Animal Behavior College has been known to enhance a veterinarian’s goals through training certification.  While Lana was looking to practice animal medicine, she also discovered the importance and necessity of proper training for pet owners.

 “I always wanted to become a dog trainer because I love animals,” Lana begins.  “But before going through Animal Behavior College, I didn’t have too much knowledge on how to teach others basic obedience except what I had seen on TV and read in books”.  ABC’s training program was about to change all that.

Lana continues with “ABC taught me more in-depth ways of dealing with problem behaviors and also how to teach others how to work properly with their animals.  I loved seeing the owners’ faces when they saw their dogs beginning to learn,” she adds. 

More than a dog trainer, although that has become invaluable for Lana, as a vet student she has come to know the tremendous advantage she will have in opening her own practice by having this additional understanding in dog obedience.  “I will be able to help my clients solve their dog’s behavior problems due to the knowledge I gained from ABC”.

“Also, I figure that being a dog trainer will help when I open my own doggie day care because I will be able to offer my clients obedience courses.”  Lana is just one of the many student examples of creative partnering between obedience training and animal health services from a reputable dog training school such as Animal Behavior College.

“I know I will be successful because I love to work with dogs and their owners,” Lana quips, adding “I now know how to teach owners the basic obedience cues that will make their dogs better companions,” she finishes.  An added dimension to any quality veterinarian’s practice indeed.

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