Lynne M. Petermann, ABC Mentor Trainer

The Pooky Professor was established after having trained my own reactive dog. “Pooky” had many behavioral problems as a pup such as fear aggression & resource guarding. I wasn’t giving her back so I had no choice but to deal with her issues. I found I really enjoyed training & decided to persue this as a career. So I guess you could say my life has “Gone to the dogs!” Puppies do not come with instruction manuals so I decided that I wanted to help other new puppy owners get started off on the right paw!

Lynne Petermann

Picture: Lynne Petermann

Shortly after getting into this business I decided I also wanted to help other up & coming trainers get into this business. In my neighborhood there is a trainer on every corner. I consider no one competition. We all work together in the community. It is so rewarding to see a new trainer go off & become successful. Currently I continue to mentor other student trainers, I hold group classes as well as private lessons. I have a dog walking club, hold doggie birthday parties, help dogs walk down the aisle nicely in the owners Weddings, Ice Cream Socials, Therapy Dogs Certification. Agility and other unique services that are keeping me very busy! Currently I have a 2000 sq foot training facility located next to a Doggie Daycare/Boarding center located in West Paterson NJ. As I continue to grow I hope to eventually open my own Boarding Facility. I own a cocker spaniel & a boxer. My favorite breed is the cocker spaniel as well as most Hunting Breeds. I continue to learn from my colleagues, through apprenticeships, & I spend countless hours volunteering my time at various rescues as well as my main focus: The NJ SPCA.

Lynne M. Petermann, ABC Mentor Trainer
The Pooky Professor

Words from some of my students:

“I received tremendous benefits working with Lynne Petermann (The Pooky Professor) as my mentor trainer. Not only did I obtain solid instruction but through Lynne’s mentoring style I also realized how rewarding dog training can be. My experience has already seen a rich reward since I trained one of my dogs to be a therapy dog because of the confidence instilled in me by Lynne. I have recently authored a book about my Therapy Dog “Shelby’s Grace” which was just published in September 2010″
-Joe Dwyer

“My experience with Lynne Petermann, aka “The Pooky Professor” was incredibly inspirational. It’s one thing to read about training theories and quite another to see those theories transformed brilliantly into practical application. That is exactly what Lynne did. She demonstrated her obvious passion for animals, showing patience, kindness and a wealth of information about her favorite subject. I know I will be a better trainer for having had her as my mentor and my puppy, my “Boston Terriorist” will be a better dog, as well. I plan on continuing “Lucy”‘s education with the High School course. I also want her to take the “Canine Good Citizen” test as first step to her becoming a Therapy Dog, which I’m convinced is what she was born to do. I am very grateful that ABC found me such an excellent teacher!”
-Joanie Hammond

My ABC Mentor was, Lynne Petermann. She was very helpful threw my externship, very pleasant and professional. No questions, wasn’t too hard to ask, and when I asked her that after I had completed the course, would it be alright for me to come back to sit and watch her train. She said, “ABSOLUTELY”. Even though I have completed my dog training course, I still consider her to be my Mentor. I see myself not just learning dog training or behavior problems from her but, gaining great confidence just by watching her train. Two paws up for Lynne!!
-Carmen Sanchez

Lynne & Terry Sangenito, ABC Student

-Lynne and Terry Sangenito, ABC Student

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