Interview With Kimberly Bandusky

Kimberly Bandusky

Favorite Part or Experience About the Training and How Rewarding It
Was/Is: I thoroughly enjoyed the dog training course in its entirety. I feel the “hands on” externship is very rewarding since this gives you the opportunity to put everything you learned to life.

Kimberly Bandusky and Melissa Roman

Your Location and Your Training Locations: I’m in Burbank, Illinois and conduct group classes at the BURBANK PARK DISTRICT and Petco in Oak Lawn and also conduct private lessons.

Who Your Mentor Trainer was, How They Influenced You: Liz Huskey will always be MY mentor. She has influenced me in alot of ways but my favorite influence is “don’t take anything personally” concerning how you teach your class. I’m the certified professional trainer and I train you to train your dog.

What You’re Currently Doing — Job/Career/Volunteering: Im currently conducting Tuesday evening classes (puppy, basic, advanced, bonding with your dog) at my area park district. Teaching group classes and workshops at Petco and doing private lessons.

What Kind of Dogs Have You Been in Love With: My heart belongs to my Yorkie rescue, Rockie. However, I fall in LOVE with any and all pups/dogs I come in contact with.

The Reason You Chose Animal Behavior College For Your Education: I chose ABC because of the positive reinforcement training methods.

Have You Made a Difference in Your Community by Training Dogs? If So Tell Us Your Story: Actually, I’m making a difference in my community by teaching children and their families how to read canine body language and to help educate everyone on bite prevention. Dogs give off signals before it reaches its limit. The little kids love to “being a tree” when strange dogs approach. It’s amazing when I see parents mouths drop when I show them the signals dogs give off and they can’t believe the signals were there and they missed them.

How Did Working in The Shelter For the Volunteer Portion of the
Program Change your Perspective?
I started my volunteership with Hinsdale Humane Society in February 2008 and I am proud to say that I am a LOYAL and DEDICATED volunteer to this day. I’m there every Sunday helping with training and rehabilitating dogs so they can become better candidates for adoption. Being a dog trainer, my passion for dogs is deep and I want to help as much as I can to lessen the number of dogs in shelters. People don’t realize how many dogs, whether purebred or mixed, are owner give ups due to lack of training and also owner-dog incompatiabilities. For instance, a couch potato owner should not be paired up with a JRT and a high energy on the go family wouldn’t be happy with a little lap dog. One of my fondest memories being at the shelter was when I worked with my first “fearful” dog. Poor Riley was afraid of everything and with every little bit of progress we made was such an inspiration to me. He would give me kisses. It was many baby steps with Riley and I was so happy when he was ready to meet people to be adopted, he turned out to be a diamond in the ruff.

Kimberly   Bandusky, ABCDT 16755
ABC  Mentor
Animal  Behavior College Certified Dog  Trainer,
*Certified DogGone Safe Presenter*
“Certified American Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR”
APDT memberDogScouts of America member
“Little Paws Big Hearts Training   Academy”
TRAIN…LOVE…CHANGE…dedicated to assist  you  in achieving a positive and healthy bond with your pet – training both  the owner and dog in a positive and rewarding manner.

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