Animal Behavior College Sports Success Story, Tony Wolfe

Enrolling in a leading Dog Training School can prepare an animal lover for many things; effective pet sitting, part time dog trainer, or full time dog training as a dream-come-true animal career.  In Tony Wolfe’s case, his desire to create a business out of a life-long passion for dogs blossomed after attending Animal Behavior College’s dog training program.

Early on, Tony had an interest in doing something with his life beyond the corporate world.  After an obedience class from the local Humane Society in 1994, he discovered he wanted more.  He loved the idea of teaching others the benefits of training their pets.

In 2003 Tony had an epiphany; one that involved leaving corporate life and working with dogs.   He discovered Animal Behavior College online and began to make a change, enrolling in dog training classes.   By January of 2004 the change was evident.  “I quit my job with the law firm to finish my studies through ABC and open my own dog training business.” 

Remarkably, Tony goes on to say that “when I left my desk job I had two goals for when I completed the ABC program; one was to open a dog training business” (which quickly became a reality) and the other was to “be certified as a Search & Rescue team with my pup, Penny”.

How did all this happen?  Tony attributes so much to the dog training school of Animal Behavior College which prepared him for his new career.  “I am happy to have found Animal Behavior College to help me get a step in the right direction as a dog trainer.  I feel ABC has a great program to offer people who are looking to get certification.  If you are looking for a well-written program and a very rewarding ‘hands-on’ training’ this is the place to go, says Tony.”

Tony changed his life through the flexible online program that ABC offers, along with the personal training that occurs.  Dog training school prepared him to not only have a new animal job as a dog trainer, but it also inspired him to set up his own business, Tail Waggin, which he operates and finds very rewarding to this day.

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