ABC Graduate, Chrisi Talen, Doubles As Dog Trainer

Aspiring actress, Chrisi Talen, had a lifetime of unfulfilling jobs until Animal Behavior College and the idea of an animal job popped up on her radar screen.  “I remembered my childhood love of animals,” says Chrisi, “especially my family’s two golden retrievers”.  She decided to investigate a course at ABC’s local dog training college, and the rest becomes ‘history’, as they say.

Because she wanted to continue pursuing an acting career, Chrisi discovered she could combine her love of animals with her passion to act.  “ABC has been a terrific experience.  I love helping dog owners bridge the communication gap between (themselves and) canines”.  Besides her classes at Animal Behavior College, Chrisi works in a group setting at Petco, helping owners ‘bridge the communication gap’. Continue reading ABC Graduate, Chrisi Talen, Doubles As Dog Trainer

ABC Success Story—Sandra Discovers Dog Training Skills

Animal Behavior College, a premiere dog training school in America, has provided Sandra, a professional pet sitter, with skills to improve behavior and obedience in the dogs she cares for.  “I always loved dogs but not until I went through the ABC program, did I truly begin to understand them,” she says.

Sandra continues with an all-important observation: “I had been a pet sitter for five years.  During this time, I saw many of my clients enroll their dogs in obedience classes, go through the sessions and end up with dogs that were still completely untrained”.   Because this concerned her, Sandra concluded that there had to be a better way.  It seemed wasteful and incomplete that some of the dogs she cared for still had behavior problems. Continue reading ABC Success Story—Sandra Discovers Dog Training Skills

Vet Hospital Employee, Stacey, Capitalizes on ABC’s Program

Animal Behavior College, one of the nation’s premiere Veterinary Assistant Colleges, had a huge impact on improving a hospital employee’s skill set when treating dogs.  “I worked in an animal hospital for 2 years before I joined ABC and am still there,” says Stacey.  “ABC helped me tremendously.”

As a manager in the business world, Stacey found her work life unrewarding so she decided to turn to something she had a passion for: Dogs.  “I volunteered in shelters while growing up and all throughout college,” she says, adding, “one of my goals is to make shelter dogs more popular and attractive to prospective owners so they can get adopted”.  After her training at ABC Stacey shares that she has a stronger “understanding of dogs and can communicate better with them through the tone of my voice”. Continue reading Vet Hospital Employee, Stacey, Capitalizes on ABC’s Program

School Teacher, Vicki, Puts Dogs & People Together

Animal Behavior College offers numerous programs for those interested in animal careers. For some, it may be attending a veterinary assistant school. For others like Vicki, it may include becoming a professional dog trainer with the dream of starting your own business in doggie day care some day.

Vicki has been a professional school teacher and a dog lover so it came natural for her to consider changing courses.  Becoming a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College was a logical step to combine both passions.  Her dog training prior to ABC’s curriculum was growing up in a household with no less than two dogs at a time.  Her foundation had been set. Continue reading School Teacher, Vicki, Puts Dogs & People Together

Meet Lana – Graduate From Leading Dog Training School

Dog Training Schools are not only for people interested in becoming dedicated trainers, they also should offer diversity in other animal careers as part of the on-going support to their students.  Animal Behavior College has been known to enhance a veterinarian’s goals through training certification.  While Lana was looking to practice animal medicine, she also discovered the importance and necessity of proper training for pet owners.

 “I always wanted to become a dog trainer because I love animals,” Lana begins.  “But before going through Animal Behavior College, I didn’t have too much knowledge on how to teach others basic obedience except what I had seen on TV and read in books”.  ABC’s training program was about to change all that.

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Animal Behavior College Sports Success Story, Tony Wolfe

Enrolling in a leading Dog Training School can prepare an animal lover for many things; effective pet sitting, part time dog trainer, or full time dog training as a dream-come-true animal career.  In Tony Wolfe’s case, his desire to create a business out of a life-long passion for dogs blossomed after attending Animal Behavior College’s dog training program.

Early on, Tony had an interest in doing something with his life beyond the corporate world.  After an obedience class from the local Humane Society in 1994, he discovered he wanted more.  He loved the idea of teaching others the benefits of training their pets.

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Dog Trainer, Christy Rousseau, Shares Success Story

First came the desire to make a difference; then came the Dog training school.  Christy Rousseau has been a life-long animal lover, ultimately volunteering in a shelter in Maine as a way to share her passion for dogs who were ‘homeless’.  “Of interest to me was that many dogs are owner surrendered to shelters due to the perceived ‘disobedient’ nature.” 

Her sentiment to make a difference in those dogs’ lives by getting professional training became a life-altering event threefold—for the dogs to be placed, the potential new pet owners, and for Christy herself.

Animal Behavior College stood out as she began researching dog training schools.  “I chose ABC because it offered a comprehensive learning phase that included basic canine behavior theory, as well as the hands-on portion of the program where I could apply the theory.  Continue reading Dog Trainer, Christy Rousseau, Shares Success Story

Two ABC Certified Trainers Rave About Dog Training School

Dog Training Schools boast many things, not the least of which is successful graduates of a certified dog training program. In the cases of both Lisa & Cheryl, their passion for dogs led them to an animal school that would train them in the best practices of a variety of dog training techniques. Similarly, both women developed a love for dogs early in life.

Meet Lisa: “I’ve had about five dogs throughout my life,” she explains, “all rescues”. She goes on to note that she has always related well to dogs and was a natural at training. But, she wanted more experience in dog training. That’s where Animal Behavior College came in.

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Lynne M. Petermann, ABC Mentor Trainer

The Pooky Professor was established after having trained my own reactive dog. “Pooky” had many behavioral problems as a pup such as fear aggression & resource guarding. I wasn’t giving her back so I had no choice but to deal with her issues. I found I really enjoyed training & decided to persue this as a career. So I guess you could say my life has “Gone to the dogs!” Puppies do not come with instruction manuals so I decided that I wanted to help other new puppy owners get started off on the right paw!

Lynne Petermann

Picture: Lynne Petermann

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Joan B Guertin Review

I have been given 3 opportunities to mentor ABC students! Kate Anderson, was a gem to work with! She’s so good, and if she lived closer, I’d want her working full time with me!

Kate chose to work with me through 3 of my 5 week class sessions. She was always on time, always prepared and always on top of each lesson. Of course, she comes from a school teaching background and her valuable skills and her love of the dogs just made her a natural. I predict a very promising future for this ABC graduate!

I think my favorite part of the mentoring experience was observing the emergence of genuine confidence in the student! Kate also offered some very valuable suggestions, particularly in improving my existing roll taking procedure and the paperwork! It was a delight working with someone who possessed great skills both with the dogs and with the people.

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